What we will do during the Year of Wellbeing


Celebrating and building on our strengths

Our vision for wellbeing is ambitious. Coventry and Warwickshire is brimming with people offering opportunities for exercise and friendship, practical advice and specialist training, professional counselling and volunteer support. We will build networks between these champions of a healthier lifestyle, increasing their reach and impact.


The Daily Mile          

Already a feature of life in thousands of primary schools up and down the country, The Daily Mile is a way of building 15 minutes of exercise into each day.  We aim to have 100  primary schools engaged with The Daily Mile by the end of 2019, giving children a daily burst of physical activity to let off steam and build up stamina.  More than that, we will encourage people of all ages to commit to taking a quarter of an hour a day to stroll, jog or run flat out for the sake of their hearts, their health and the pleasure of moving.


Start a conversation

Loneliness can affect anyone, and is linked to the development of mental and physical health conditions. We want to showcase the value of building social connections, volunteering and befriending, and promote the benefits of simply starting a conversation. We will amplify the voices of people with positive stories to tell about their health and wellbeing journeys to generate discussion, awareness and acceptance.  We will learn from the many organisations working with older people to see what we can add to their work in targeting isolation.   


Workforce wellbeing

We will work with local employers to raise awareness of the benefits of having healthy, well staff. In particular we will highlight the importance of managing stress and mental health, and how to respond when colleagues are struggling. We will also offer advice and guidance to the region’s many small employers who value staff wellbeing, but may not have the resources to develop activity themselves.

Please check back to these pages during the Year to see how we are getting on!

Don't forget you can also get involved on social media using the hashtag: #LetsDoThisTogetherCW


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