Maternity and Paediatrics

Every woman and baby should be able to receive family-friendly care that is centred on their needs.

Our aim is to ensure that women, their babies and their families have access to the services they choose and need, as close to home as possible.


What do we want to do?

Provide the highest quality care, information and advice for women and their loved ones during and after pregnancy. Some examples include:

  • All pregnant women will have a personalised care plan
  • All women will be able to make choices about their maternity care, during pregnancy, birth and postnatally
  • Most women will have the same person caring for them during pregnancy, birth and postnatally
  • More women will be able to give birth at home or in midwife-led units



MaternityWhat have we done so far?

We have set up our Local Maternity System to develop and implement a plan to improve maternity and neonatal services across Coventry and Warwickshire. There are three work programmes:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Quality and safety
  • Choice and personalisation


We are working with women, their partners and families to involve them in developing future services from the start.

We are gathering the views of midwives at our three local acute hospitals about new ways of working, which would enable 20 per cent of women to have continuity of carer throughout their pregnancy by March 2019.

The National Maternity Transformation Board has awarded our partnership £202,000 to help make this happen.



This animation from NHS England explains more about choice and support during maternity care and how it will improve care for patients.


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