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We currently have too many separate and unconnected IT systems across health and social care in Coventry and Warwickshire. This leads to fragmented care for service users and discourages integration between care providers.

We are working together to ensure there is better digital integration between health and social care organisations so professionals are able to access the clinical information they need to inform the care they deliver. This will help reduce duplication and inefficiencies in our health care system, and most importantly lead to a better experience for patients in Coventry and Warwickshire.


What do we want to do?

  • Reduce the time health and social care professionals spend collecting and duplicating data
  • Improve quality of care and patient experience through personalised care
  • Enable integrated working between hospitals, GP practices, community health and social care
  • Improve efficiencies through sharing of information and better communications between care providers



What have we done so far?

Better Health, Better Care, Better Value partners are working closely together to review their existing systems and identify opportunities where they can begin work on integrated systems.

A workshop has also been held with all partner organisations to refresh their plan, sometimes called a Local Digital Roadmap, and to agree objectives in terms of digital solutions over the next two years.

In October 2018, partners applied for Health System Led Investment funding to support the development of digital maturity across provider organisations in the first instance and support the deployment of tactical projects that will improve productivity and enable better integration and collaboration. For more information, please contact us

In November 2017, it was announced that Better Health, Better Care, Better Value was one of 12 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships to receive a share of approximately £260m of transformation funding.

This was awarded to South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s Out of Hospital programme to provide an integrated information system between local trusts.



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