Year of Wellbeing Blog: Danielle's story

Everyone has their own story to share about ways they have found to care for their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of other people.

A team of bloggers have agreed to describe their personal journey. We hope their stories help and inspire others during our Year of Wellbeing.


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Danielle's story...

Year of wellbeing blogger danielleHow getting on my bike helped me move on with my life.

I was running around at 100mph, holding down a difficult job, renovating my new house, questioning my decisions on returning from my career break on a daily basis, taking on qualifications to try to ‘sort myself out’.

Constantly thinking, deciding, doing, wondering, regretting, giving myself no time for me, for peace, for pleasure, my brain didn’t stop. I ignored the heaviness that was enveloping me slowly, taking on more things, making more decisions, trying to just ‘get on with it’.

I’d stopped reading, cooking, exercising, watching TV, going for dog walks, I’d stopped doing all those small little things that made me feel nice, that allowed me some headspace.

I’d not allowed myself to do anything that was good for me. I didn’t have time! How could I possibly watch a box set on Netflix or do my garden?

How could I possibly relax and do nothing?

Until pop - depression had crept up on me and helped lead to my complete burnout. I was done, no longer functioning as a human.

Year of wellbeing blogger danielle on her bikeI was signed off from work. My world had changed. I didn’t know what was happening. But through a turn of events I was suddenly introduced to mountain biking. It became my medication.

To obsess over the skills required to get up an over a log or balance and turn around a corner at speed was blissful. To be ou​tdoors with the sun on my face and the birdsong surrounding me was therapy.

I had no time to think about my situation when I was riding, I was able to escape from the noise in my head, to pedal faster and leave that thought on the side.

This then gave me the space to heal, my energy increased, my fitness improved. I was doing something that gave me pure joy.

I was connected to nature, I had the perfect excuse to be outdoors and I was getting fit. I made some amazing friends and felt connected.

Mountain biking has taught me to be brave. It has given me an outlet and been crucial in my recovery and showed me that being kind to yourself and allowing yourself time to do the things you love is vital in maintaining a happy soul and mind.


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